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Ready to Run 009 rolling stock

UK manufacturer PECO back in 2013, introduced a range of ready-to-run 009 (4mm to 1 foot scale, running on 9mm gauge track) rolling stock items.

The range (available from the Woody Bay shop, and online) includes a selection of wagons and vans having various authentic running numbers, and avaiable in L&B Grey and SR Brown. The carriages also available in SR Green, and L&B Red/White livery.


Examples of the first ready-to-run 009 rolling stock. Several different running numbers are available in each livery, plus "unpainted" versions for freelance modelling.

Danish Manufacturer Heljan have produced a complimentary r-t-r locomotive - a modified-cab Manning Wardle. The first 009 ready to run stock produced by a volume manufacturer. These are sure to bring a further upsurge of interest in the L&B.

Chris J Ward, produced a model kit of the L&B-owned Hunslets, Heddon Hall and D6652. This is now avaiable from - a part of Chase 3D Ltd.


Made from a 3D-printed plastic material, they can be glued and painted.
Also available are Southern Railway style lamp huts as seen on the L&B in later years.
If you have something special just ask, and they will endeavour to help.

Contact details:

Allen Doherty of Worsley Works produces kits of L&B carriages in 4mm and 7mm scale

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