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Our plans to rebuild the line between Lynton & Barnstaple

Exmoor Enterprise - Putting the L&BR Back in Devon's Landscape

Exmoor Enterprise is an association of L&BR Directors together with railway industry professionals, political and economic supporters.  It's mandate is to stimulate, promote and manage the reinstatment of the L&BR across the National Park, initially from Killington Lane to Blackmoor and Wistlandpound Reservoir. Followed by a return to the twin towns of Lynton & Lynmouth.  The intention is to eventually rebuild the railway all the way back to Barnstaple.

Killington Lane to Blackmoor

The cost of creating the existing operational railway - Woody Bay to Killington Lane - has been high; estimates put the figure at well over £1m.

As we now have the vital planning applications to allow us to extend the railway from Killington Lane to Wistlandpound, we are now seeking funding to apply for a Transport & Works Act Order which will give us the powers to construct and operate the extended line.

With the planning permission now in place, the funding and the TWO are required so that construction of the extension can begin.

The intention then is to relocate our operational base to Blackmoor.

Once this phase is complete, we will then rebuild the L&B back to Caffyns and on to Lynton itself. 

We now have a successful operating railway and can ably demonstrate that rebuilding the L&B is not only feasible and possible, but also of great benefit not only to the people of Exmoor but to Devon and beyond.

As no heritage railway or indeed the national rail network has ever funded any extension from current revenue - the L&BR will certainly be no exception.

Woody Bay to Lynton and Wistlandpound - a Nine Mile Railway

To see maps and photos of this proposed section click on the links below

The future -  Wistlandpound to Barnstaple

This is destined to be the third phase of reconstruction and although it will take some time to undertake, plans are already being drawn up for its accomplishment when the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway will once more link the two towns in its name

To see maps and photos of this proposed section click on the links below

Exmoor Associates

The Lynton & Barnstaple Trust is assisted in its aim of rebuilding the railway by an associated but independent company Exmoor Associates who have purchased the section of trackbed at Higher Bodley for eventual reinstatement of the railway by the L&BR Trust over this section.

The trackbed at Higher Bodley

The Last Railway Adventure

In 1951 the Tallylyn, a narrow-gauge steam railway in rural mid-Wales became the world's first preserved railway. Tom Rolt, the General Manager, wrote a book entitled "Railway Adventure" about those early days of railway preservation. The closure and subsequent loss of the L&B has often been cited as the inspiration for today’s heritage railway movement. After "sleeping" for more than 70 years the revival of the Lynton & Barnstaple - once considered impossible - is happening and with it the heritage railway movement has come full circle - hence the "Last Railway Adventure".


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