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Project Lyn and the 762 Club

Recreating L&B Railway History

An Eric Leslie rendition of the planned new locomotive for the L&B

A unique and exciting new-build project for the L&B!

The organisation was set up to deliver new-build Baldwin No. 15965, LYN, to Woody Bay for the September Gala, 2017.  It is now managing two new-build Manning Wardle engines see

The new locomotive - which was designed and built in just 8 years, at a cost of some £600,000 - was first publicly steamed on 8th July and externally looks just like the original, while benefitting from modern engineering techniques, such as welded tanks (with dummy rivets!), higher boiler pressure and roller bearings.

The 762 Club, although closely linked to the L&B, was set up as a separate company to raise money, build, maintain and operate new locomotives for use on the L&B.

For more information and details of how you can become involved in this fascinating project, which has garnered worldwide support, or just to keep in touch with what is going on, see the project's own website

 The new cab for LYN - along with one of the wheel patterns - appeared at Woody Bay for the 2010 Autumn Gala


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