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This area has now been superceded by the HOP's system and longer updated

All L&BR Staff should now be using the HOP's system for rostering as well as for everything else.

This area of the website will be removed during the shutdown between Christmas and the New Year with no links remaining in 2022

Many thanks
L&BR Webteam November 2021

Access to the Staff Site is restricted to duty staff only. If you regularly volunteer and are experiencing access problems, please contact us and we will attempt to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

If you do not have a Staff Account you can apply for a Staff Account.
If you have an account you can login HERE.

If you only volunteer occasionally but feel you may need access, email or call us first before registering. This is so that we will know who you are and what your skills are, and can advise whether or not you need to be registered.

If you are keen to volunteer please contact our volunteer co-ordinator: Anne Belsey

For train crew rostering contact Doug Mills

For anything else click here


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