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Graham Bendell

Name: Graham Bendell
54 From: North Dorset
Permanent Way

I have been a member, apart from a break in the mid - late 80s, for 25 years and participated in the first working parties at Cricket Field Lane, Parracombe in the early 80s.

Since Woody Bay was acquired in 1995 I have attended as often as I have been able and, currently, this is one day a month. Setting off from home to drive the 87 miles, I always travel with a sense of anticipation. What will we achieve today, what is the latest news and what has changed since I was last there? One thing is always, thankfully, unchanged and that is the magnificent scenery surrounding our line. Through the year I get to see it in its different guises and moods - I never tire of it.

To sum up, my reasons for volunteering are purely selfish - I need the therapeutic effect of the surroundings, the beneficial effects of the physical activity, to satisfy my thirst for news, to meet up with friends and, soon I hope, to have the opportunity to work again in the cutting towards Cricket Field Lane - where I first started all those years ago.

Go on - be selfish - come and join us.

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