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L&B World Photo-Blog

Warley, 2012, Saturday 16:00: The Lynton & Barnstaple World Team photo.

Monday: The morning after the night before...

Update: I've added a few of my own photos - not great quality (I'm about as good a photographer as I am a modeller!) - but I hope they give at least a flavour of the event.

Click on the images to see a larger view.

Please let me know of any errors in captions etc. If YOU were there, and have any images of your own that we could use, please let me know.

I'm going to attempt a live blog from the NEC. I'm not going to guarantee how frequent updates will be during the day, but here goes:

Martyn de Young

Sunday 17:00

The show is over - the end of Lynton & Barnstaple World 2012. All in all, it has been a great showpiece for this fantastic project. Thanks, congratulations and well done to all those many individuals who have been involved in putting the show on, and for all those who have visited over the past two days.





Some of the items displayed in the L&B Modelling stand display, covering the most popular scales of 4, 7 and 16mm to 1 foot. The display stand was provided courtesy of Accucraft.

Look out for more photos on lynton-rail (and elsewhere, I'm sure!) over the next few days.

Hope you have found this blog interesting - Thank you and goodbye from the NEC Birmingham.

Sunday 16:15

Congratulations too to Max Winter, winner of a copy of Lynton & Barnstaple Measured & Drawn by Stephen D Phillips. Max's winning ticket was 964.

Tony and Stephen discuss the Raffle

(Update: Max was delighted to hear that he had won, and has even offered to donate £65 - the cost of the book - to the L&BR Trust!)

Sunday 15:55

Congratulations to Bob Barnard, winner of the David Glascott Trophy for the best narrow gauge exhibit at the exhibition.

"Barnstaple Town to Pilton" with (L to R) Colin Prime, Sue and Bob Barnard, and David Prime. Peter Ainley, the other key member of the team, was unable to be at the show on Sunday.


Bob's Layout - built over 40 years - includes working Tyer's tablet machines, and this 1/12th scale working signal box.

Sunday 14:15

Just back from lunch (and pretty good the food is too - I recommend the lamb in paprika).

The whole show is still quieter than yesterday, although the L&B layouts are still attracting plenty of interest. Peco's announcement yesterday has created quite a buzz among visitors - a good sign for the future of the railway..

Stephen Phillips' book is selling steadily, after a very quiet start. The L&B Modelling stand is raffling a copy - to be drawn at about 4pm. If you are here - get your tickets quick - only £1 each.

Sunday 10:45

The Peco Rep. visited the L&B Modelling stand with some more details of their intentions. Seemed impressed by the general level of interest in the L&B seen this weekend. He apologised for not being able to lend us their only pre-production models for our display! Nice of him to try though. 


"Mwch Grumblyn" posing as the L&B introduces 16mm live steam to L&B World, courtesy of Adrian Rogers and his team from Guildford MES.

A few day-trippers are up here from North Devon today - encouraged no doubt by this blog! (or perhaps not)!

Sunday 10:00

A quieter start today, but still plenty of interest in all things L&B.

Sunday 09:05

Ten minutes to opening. I wonder if today will be as successful as yesterday? It will be a hard act to beat.

The branch to "Illfracombe (East)" was never built, but if it had, could it have looked something like Brian Key suggests?

Saturday 18:00

Crowds gone - the show has closed for the day. There's been a lot of interest in the full-size L&B as well as the layouts. At least one life-member was signed up on the L&B Trust stand, and the 762 Club and Heritage Coach displays were both constantly busy.

Phil Crathorne's 7mm scale, 14mm gauge "Lynton & Lynmnouth"

Stephen Phillips' book has been selling like hot cakes, and a fair few bits and pieces were sold on the L&B Modelling stand, as well, as well as plenty of discussions on the railway, past, present and future.

On the way out, we stopped by the Peco stand to see the pre-production L&B wagons and vans (the coaches aren't available yet).  Speaking to the Peco rep, it seems that they are considering producing a loco too - a UK-outline starter set in the offing perhaps? A great way to introduce youngsters to the delights of narrow gauge in general - and the L&B in particular! I know what I'd like for Christmas next year!

Time to go back to the hotel for a cuppa before venturing out for a bite to eat. More from me tomorrow...

Saturday 16:00

Crowds are thinning out a little - room for a few photos. Talking of photos, we've had a Photocall: trying to get all the L&B World team members together for a photo beside LYD...

Tony Peart's "near future" depiction of Killington Road Bridge and the Halt ...

... and historical depiction of Chelfham, both in 009 (4mm:1 foot scale)

Another view of Chelfham - this time in 7mm scale, exhibited by Brian Taylor

Brian Goulding's diorama, "Lynton and Lynmouth"

John de Frayssinet's "Bratton Fleming" - Brrrrrrr!

Saturday 14:00

Lunch is over, back to the L&B Modelling stand. It's raining outside, which may deter some visitors, but it is still pretty busy inside, and L&B World seems to be going down well. Visitors 3-4-5 deep are surrounding the layouts, and LYD has a constant stream of cameras and videos aimed in its direction.

From the L&B Modelling stand, we had a good view of Lyd. One knowledgable visitor enquired "Is that a full-scale replica of Lyd"?

Saturday 09:30

Doors have been open for 15 minutes - plenty of visitors milling around all the layouts - and LYD of course. EDM Models are exhibiting their M-W Chassis in our display cabinet - alongside one of LYN.

A steady trickle of visitors to John de Frayssinet's "County Gate" layout

... and somewhere behind this throng is "Cliffhanger", John's second fictional L&B-inspired layout


Cliffhanger - but without the crowds

Saturday 08:50

The power has been on here for about half an hour, and the layouts are springing to life, ready for the show to open in a few minutes.  It doesn't look like I'll be able to add photos at the moment, but I'll add some next week. Time for a quick coffee before the crowds arrive.

Peco have just arrived at our stand with a banner announcing 009 R-t-R L&B coaches and wagons. Definitely something worth seeing.

Are these the first Ready-to-Run UK-outline 009 models ever?

Friday 19:20

The final arrangements are just about in place, ready for Lynton & Barnstaple World starting 9am tomorrow.  Nine layouts are more-or-less in place, surrounding the FR's LYD, and the final details are being finessed. Speaking of LYD which is looking resplendent and complete with wreath of golden crysanthemums and the famous postcard message - talking to James Evans earlier, it seems that the loco only arrived at 6am this morning, having been diverted and delayed by the floods in Wales. Lots of familiar names and faces around already, with more to come tomorrow.


Lyd - need I say more?

When Tony Spencer and I arrived at about 1:30 to set up the L&B Modelling stand (Sponsored by Accucraft), John de Frayssinet and his gang of Desperados were well advanced in setting up his three (yes - three) L&B-inspired layouts. Bob Barnard was there too, surrounded by the manifold parts of his layout. Later in the afternoon, I got to see glimpses of the other LBW layouts, as they all gradually took shape. Stephen Phillips arrived with boxes of his book. He will be joining Tony and I on the L&B Modelling stand.

Tony Spencer talking to Stephen Phillips

The L&B Trust stand was being loaded with displays and merchandise, headed up by Brom Bromage, and even Paul Gower put in appearance, having escaped temporarily from the Oakwood stand.

Slightly unfocussed (my fault) the L&B Trust stand was well attended throughout...

... as where the 762 Club and EAST Heritage Coach displays.

Later, Tony Peart arrived with his team, and began setting up Chelfham, while Brian Taylors Chelfham also seemed to appear. As we left for our hotel, Mwch Grumlyn was taking place, ready for live steam tomorrow. As we left, John deF was looking forward to another hour or so fettling his locos to ensure free running during the show.


Bob Barnard


Tony Peart


Brian Taylor

County Gate, Cliffhanger and Bratton Fleming

John de Frayssinet

Killington Lane

Tony Peart

Woody Bay (diorama)

Brian Golding

Lynton & Lynmouth

Phil Crathorne

Ilfracombe (East)

Brian Key

Mwch Grumblyn Live steam

Adrian Rogers

L & B modelling stand

Now back at our hotel, Tony and I are off to grab a bite to eat, as we'll need to be back at the NEC in time from breakfast...



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