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Martyn de Young

Name: Martyn de Young
Age: 47 From: Kent
Department: Local Support Group

I first discovered the joys of the L&B, almost by chance, in about 1988, and have been involved since then. Personal circumstances limit the time I can spend in Devon, but I have been able to help with several generations of the official L&B Web site, and I am Secretary of the Kent Support Group

The Kent Group has completed small restoration projects - including platform benches, luggage trolleys and an SR lamp now at Woody Bay. We have also set up an on-line shop, commissioned a range of L&B branded goods, distributed L&B Magazines and raffle tickets, processed ticket returns, and assisted with membership renewals.

The group attends local model and railway-related exhibitions, sometimes working in conjunction with neighbouring groups. We sell L&B branded items, books, prints, and general merchandise from our publicity stand, as well as explaining the plans and achievements of the Project and handing out membership forms! During 2006, we are building a small portable OO9 model layout to illustrate the L&B on our stand.

As a group of only about 6 "active" members, and with Trust members in Kent spread quite thinly, we would like to do more, and if anyone who lives locally, or is just visiting the South East would like to contact the Kent Group, they will be most welcome!

When I was able to get to Devon, I was privileged to work on laying track and points at Woody Bay, painting (some of) Van 23, helping Paul Gower with the water tower and tank, serving in the shop, among many other tasks. I also drank a lot of tea, and enjoyed the fantastic Woody Bay company, atmosphere and views of North Devon. During my few visits, I've met and worked with several of the well-known regulars, and always felt I was instantly welcomed as part of the team.

The L&B has achieved a great deal so far, but there is much, much more to be done. However much or little time, effort or skill you have to offer, it will always be welcomed, and you will always be able to make a difference, and I promise, you will make many good friends, have a great time, and regret not having joined in ten years earlier!

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