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Snapper Update: Autumn 2013

The first photo was taken in 1903 (the year Snapper Halt opened), so the two are 110 years apart!

Things are stirring on the Southern Section of the railway in the Yeo Valley. In addition to the steady progress being made with the restoration of Chelfham Station, a considerable amount of ground and drainage clearance work has been achieved on the Exmoor Associates track bed at Snapper during recent weeks.

Barry Marshall has put together a team who have achieved an impressive amount of work in a short time and they are determined to do much more. John Edmonds.

1. The 2013 overgrowth had all but rendered Snapper unaccessible. The shelter and sign had almost disappeared into nature again.

2. The overgrowth at Snapper eventually prompted EA into action to find some keen local volunteers to tackle the problem...

3. Andrew Hearn (left) and Rob Sadd. Andrew is a professional Landscape Gardener and has an impressive 'arsenal' of land management machinery. Both Andrew and Rob live locally and between them form the core of the volunteer effort.

4. David Cameron (On site for one day to lend a hand, lives away from Devon but hopes to contribute occasionally)

5. Bob Palmer (Regular volunteer, for several years he has worked hard keeping the hedges in trim around Distant Point and Chelfham Station)

6. David and Andrew. (Oct 2013)

7. Rob and Andrew bring the cuttings to a bonfire site. (Nov 2013)

8. Almost finished, Snapper Halt -sign and shelter is clear once more.

9. The restored shelter at Snapper Halt. Authentic guttering is due to be fitted shortly.

Thanks to all the volunteers who have helped the L&BR and Exmoor Associates at both Chelfham and Snapper this autumn. There is still a large amount of work to be done to maintain, preserve and restore these sites as part of the eventual expanding Lynton & Barnstaple Railway.

Words by John Edmonds, Photos by Barry Marshall

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